The Other 23 Hrs | The hour in the gym is the easy part
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The Other 23 Hrs

2020 Set My Soul Free

I've discussed my bouts of depression and anxiety before, but all past tense. I haven't felt the reality of that darkness in a long time. But 2020 was the year of unexpected everything, so why not this...

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Angela Empowers Black Mental Health

Website Instagram Shop My passion is to empower individuals and give them a sense of hope and an opportunity to "get their power back!" For business phone further inquiries for Telehealth therapy, speaking engagements etc. (860) 457-1098 ...

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Achieving Healthy Hair

So, I have this thing were I openly admire amazing women. Latonya Baruc is one of them. I stumbled across her IG page several years ago and deeply appreciated that she looked like a 'normal' Black woman...

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Don’t Let Impostor Syndrome Fool You!

Unfortunately, I have allowed myself to be a victim of Impostor Syndrome and it held me back for a very long time. Ironically, learning of how Maya felt both saddened and liberated me from my feelings of not being good enough. If the...

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Achieve Health. Achieve Success.

The last 8 months have been a wild and amazing journey. So much discovery and growth. So many opportunities to give up and equivalent opportunities to make myself proud. Learn how committing to my health helped me earn a promotion! ...

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Catching Up With Coach Mike

He's one of a kind and he's done it all. From Special Forces with the U.S. Military to public speaking with Tony Robins to owning a gym to being Author! Tune in to listen to me catch up with a dear friend on all that...

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