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Achieving Healthy Hair

Achieving Healthy Hair

So, I have this thing were I openly admire amazing women. Latonya Baruc is one of them. I stumbled across her IG page several years ago and deeply appreciated that she looked like a ‘normal’ Black woman….there’s a lot of sensationalism on social media, so I appreciated her naturalness. She just seemed like a woman that I could see myself being friends with. We were both into fitness and natural hair….and I had (actually still have) a case of loc envy. When I realized that she had her own product line, it was a great reason to reach out and connect. She gave personalized attention to my daughter and I and what we can do to better care for our natural hair. She was so knowledgeable and articulate, I had to bring her on the show! I know you will love this episode as much as I do. And for listening she has given all my listeners a little treat!

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