The Other 23 Hrs | Recover, Restore & Rejuvenate w/Laura Boozer
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Recover, Restore & Rejuvenate w/Laura Boozer

Recover, Restore & Rejuvenate w/Laura Boozer

Ladies and gentlemen, I am soooo happy to introduce you to Mrs. Laura Boozer. I had the great fortune of meeting Laura during my annual pilgrimage to Louisville, KY, where I attend Camp Gorgo. She opened up camp with a session speaking about her passion….FASCIA! Yes, you read that right, fascia!

Get your pens and paper ready to take notes and learn from this fascia pro. In this interview she is sharing everything you need to know about recovering, restoring and rejuvenating your body.

Not only will you hear how much I enjoyed speaking with her, I know you will enjoy it too!

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