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The Energy of Food

The Energy of Food

This is such a juicy show top and I’m so glad to finally be getting around to it! I originally introduced this topic about a year ago on Instagram and it has been a hot topic ever since!

Here’s the original video ……

In this episode we will delve a little deeper than the difference between foods that grow above ground vs. foods that grow below ground. We will explore the original source of Life Energy given to us by the Big Mama her self….the sun. The importance of the first law of thermodynamics and the 10% rule as it pertains to the transfer of energy in our food. This is a good one folks! Enjoy!….

M.E.D.S – Meditation, Exercise, Diet & Sleep

Here is the article that I originally read. I don’t necessarily agree with all of the content/feedback in the article, but it was a great introduction to the concept of MEDS and where to focus my attention…

Link to the article

Here’s the link to the book “Slow: Simple Living for a Frantic World”, by Brooke McAlary….

Link to the book

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