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The Moving Art Experience

The Moving Art Experience

I didn’t feel the need to recreate the wheel. So, in the words of the man himself, Rome Allen (@lifeisart_films) ….

The end goal and current goal of The Moving Art Experience has always been to be a beacon of light to teach internal joy and hapiness. A lot of things we see, situations in life, memories we hold on to….sometimes if not all the time, keep us from seeing internal joy and happiness as a priority. Getting the bag or reaching a financial status has played a heavy determining factor in relations to what is considered “The Good Life”. I, myself, have had and still have my moments to where the power of the physical currency becomes a priority before I take a moment to enjoy self. Self is the true power and gateway to bliss. To love self is to love another, because we are all reflections of one another from one sources. No matter your religion, no matter your nationality, no matter you skin color. We all come from ONE source, ONE, being, ONE higher self. Howe we get there is beauty of our individualism as human beings created on this physical plane. I took me some years to have this innterstand of life and the life “self” and the road was not an easy one….but anything that has true value is never easy to obtain….and there is a price for this that no amount of money can buy. I AM thankful. I thank God…Allah….Buddha…Yewah…Elohim…Jah…The Most High…The All…Whatever you wanna call that higher source….that higher spirir that resides in all of us. I’m thankful for it. And will continue to be thankful for it even when my physical is no longer needed for my journey. It’s a blessing to be here and a blessing to experience this. I’m here for it all!!! Love and light family. Let us continue to raise the vibration of the world. For it is needed for US….And the ones who come after. “WE are the ones WE have been waiting for.”

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