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The Only Diet I Recommend, Pt. 1

Most of us live lives comfortable in our discomfort, simply because we don't know any betterCassandra Delynn Today's show I discuss the only diet I recommend.  If you've ever wondered why some people have no problem eating "healthy", or why you cannot seem to put down...

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We FINALLY venture into the world of mindset! My experience in working with hundreds of women over the years, is that the most effective workout we can do is in between our ears! The Tony Robins quote Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us how things are,...

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Why We Struggle with Weight

In this, the maiden episode, I thought it would make sense to introduce the cornerstone of my philosophy about weight and weight loss. What is the relationship between health and weight loss, but more importantly…how should we define health. We explore diet...

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